At the beginning of 2019, I started an internship at a german tech magazine called „Netzpiloten Magazin„. Here I started writing articles and becoming familiar with the job as a writer. After my internship, I continued to work for the magazine besides going to college and took more and more responsibility. Before getting my bachelor’s degree I was running the daily editorial office with one colleague and managed to increase the monthly views of the website.

I then started a full-time trainee and learned more about editorial work, working as a writer, and managing an editorial office. I shortened the trainee from one year, which was the planned duration in the beginning, to six months and then became a full-time editor for them. I also worked on establishing a new content orientation for the magazine. My goal was to focus on making technology more accessible. We wanted to explain complex topics, give insights into new developments in the tech and gaming industry and explain how developments and innovations impact our everyday lives. This was especially interesting during the pandemic, where all of a sudden everyone had to deal with technology and new innovations in that field.

Some of my favorite articles

I could talk more about my job as a writer and editor, how I learned SEO and how to make money out of a magazine. Now I did this anyway haha. But I also want to give you a list of the articles I wrote and liked the most. There are in german but if you don’t speak german I recommend translating them with