Podcast has always been a thing I loved doing. I started doing podcasts in 2015 and kept going until now. Today I managed to get paid for doing a podcast and that is a very big success to me! Over the time I tried out some things, failed sometimes and gathered a ton of experience in podcasting, moderation and talking. Here I show you the different steps of my podcasting journey.

The First Podcast

My first podcast was very bad, to be honest… I had the romantic idea of „one guy – one mic“. Although I still believe, this concept can work, I have to admit – my 19-year-old self was just not entertaining enough to keep up with this concept. But I did anyways to practice and to have fun just talking – a thing I always loved! Later I removed the podcast from the internet so sadly there is no way of listening to it today.

Second Podcast – A Lot Of Fun

Later I met an excellent friend of mine and we started a podcast together. Our concept wasn’t very innovative, but we had tons of fun podcasting every week for 80 episodes! We just sat down every week and talked. Talked about everything that came into our minds. The podcast was named „Von Oben Herab“. This is german (as a german I always made german podcasts) and means „From the top down“. We thought it was funny because on the one hand, we had no standing from talking from the top down and on the other hand, we both lived in the north of Germany. As I already mentioned, the podcast were just about us talking every week, telling stories, joking around or being serious. Over time we gathered a nice community of around 300 people that we really liked. From a professional point of view we had no success and I am not surprised by this considering our knowledge and non-existent skills in marketing. But from a personal point of view this podcast was a huge success. We had fun doing it, we got better at it and the people who listened it weren’t just family members and friends, Most of them were complete stranger that started writing us on Instagram and interacting with us. Here you can find it:


First Professional Podcast

When we ended „Von Oben Herab“ after 80 episodes I had already started working as an editor and writer for the german tech magazine „Netzpiloten.de„. Here it took me a while to be able to start a podcast for the magazine. But at the beginning of 2020, I did and this was a great feeling. I got paid for podcasting. In „Tech und Trara“ I talk to very different people coming from and with very different topics. We talk about their topic and try to find out, what role technology plays in their field of expertise. We want to draw a line between technology and topics everybody gets in touch with. The goal is to make technology something everybody can understand through fun conversations between me and my guests.

Current Personal Podcast

As I missed doing podcasts on my own and completely free, I started a new personal podcast. I wanted to recreate the feeling podcasting gave me when I started it. But this time I wanted to have more of a concept framing my talking and also challenge me to develop my moderation and entertaining skills. So I started the podcast „5 Minutes to Shine“. Here I randomly generate three topics and then give myself five minutes to talk about each topic in the most entertaining and interesting way I can. These five-minute time slots are framed by an introduction and an outro in which I reflect on my performance. I don’t know if this podcast will ever be successful, but I honestly don’t care, because it is fun to do!