my name is Moritz. I am a german software developer, podcaster, and creator. I love to learn new things and dig deep into interesting topics. I love maths, creativity and arts and craft. On this website, you can find some of the projects I worked on and write about some insights I gained during these projects and through my work.

Some of the projects I did

I participated in a lot of different projects like web applications, digital and analog games, blogs, and more. A lot of these projects were created in collaboration during my bachelor’s in media informatics at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg. Some of the projects were created during my free time and can be seen as „hobby projects“.

Podcasts I do (and did) and why I do them

I always talked a lot (ask friends and family about it…). When I realized I could as well record myself and have people in the internet listen to what I have to say, my passion for podcasting was born.

Art and creativity

I am no professional artist and I am pretty sure I have no ambition to become one. But I love art and being creative in all sorts of forms. I like to draw – preferably in small black sketchbooks, I like 3D-Modelling and Voxel-Art amd try to constantly explore new ways to be creative. Here you find some of the things I created.